Why Fundraise for People & Planet?

p15-ggw-heart-full-sizeHiya, my name is Manishta Sunnia and I am one of the two current fundraising volunteers at People & Planet. As an Environmental Sciences student in Oxford Brookes, I am very passionate about environmental isssues such as climate change and pollution. As a student campaigner, I have committed a lot of my time into campaign work. It has been quite hard and challenging to get excited about fundraising.

Personally, me as the activist am more interested in changing the world than getting into finances of the charity organisation. However, when I started volunteering as a fundraising rep for P&P, I started to realise how serious finance was to an NGO such as P&P.

carbonspeedI realised very fast and understood quite quickly the importance of constantly raising cash for P&P. The world of tight finances, cutbacks and challenging grant proposals is quite unglamorous and daunting but…very essential to keep a vibrant organisation such as P&P going. The realisation that P&P needs its members to fundraise was also a realisation that this is going to be a challenge. In such a campaigns driven organisation, no one is really interested in talking money. Our members are more interested in campaign activities such as lobbying, protests and policies than organising a sponsored run or even be part of one.

But fundraising can be be part of campaigning! In the campaigns driven world of P&P, why not use fundraising as a tool for campaigning and a tool for raising awareness of various environenmental or social issues? As part of the Go Green campaign, activists can easily organise an auction night (where products such as energy saving lightbulbs, an old bike or products made from recycled materials can be auctioned) to raise awareness of their campaign. Fundraising can also raise awareness of People & Planet as an organisation AND as a club/society.

By organising a Carbon Speed Dating event for Valentine’s Day, activists can show that romance does not need commercialism. By organsing an alternative job fair, we can show that the potential of the a green and ethically sound job market to future graduates. By fundraising, we can also change the world.

So if you are interested committing to a bit of fundraising, why not drop a ring at the People & Planet support office 01865 245 678 for some pointers. Alternatively, drop an email at fundraising@peopleandplanet.org

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