The Great Green Fair Challenge

img2330_size2Currently, one of the campaigns we, as an organisation are working on is Go Green. Many up and down the country are going further and investing in the transition movement in their own education institutions – Going Greener. Is your university, school or college resisting the challenge of going greener? Maybe students on campuses are being unresponsive towards your P&P’s group efforts. One of ways you can have a major impact- visually and positively on your campuses is having a Green Fair. A Green Fair can have both staffs and students coerced into fun activities organised that may aid them to reduce their carbon emissions, grow local produce and shop ethically.

A Green Fair can not only include stalls and ethical and organic products from local farms and grocery suppliers, but you can also go further and extending to it to a various sections of the fair. You can have a section for ethical food products from local producers and farmers, a section for ethical clothing and…a section for ethical careers. Many of our universities and colleges invests in having careers fairs and events that hardly ever include ethical and green organisations. Many universities’ research are funded by unethical companies, so they may not be keen on banning those companies to dip into graduate employment. However you can create your own careers fair to show your university the interest of ethical careers among students.

Whilst doing all that, part of the planning process of organising a Green Fair can include charging stalls a small fee to sell their products or their organisations at your university. The money raised, can be donated to charity…maybe your favourite charity that is People & Planet organisation.

Do you fancy this Great Green Fair challenge? Keep us posted on what is going on in your group!

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