Work experience with the People & Planet ttam.

For the past two weeks I have been working with the People & Planet for work experience. When I first received the placement I was excited, I was already really interested in issues such as climate change and human rights but i completely underestimated how much I would learn from this experience.

My first proper introduction to the Wear Fair campaign was through the fantastic online learning course. The videos that were provided for the course were a brilliant visual representation of Fairtrade and organic cotton. Also i really benefited from writing the blogs afterward, it made you properly think about the things that you have just watched. After doing this online course, i have become very interested in Fairtrade cotton and when i get back to school I am going to approach my tutor about making a campaign to make our school uniform ethical.

As well as the online course, i also really enjoyed the promotion side of the job. Firstly, i started with promoting the People and Party event by posting comments on Facebook and local information sites. I found it surprisingly enjoyable and worked my way through site after site. When i finished that, I then wrote a news story for the People & Planet website. Normally i wouldn’t be too happy about doing lots of writing (English isn’t really my strong point!) but i got a real sense of accomplishment when i had finished it.

There were many positives to this work experience but only one negative.. data entry! Although it was fairly boring and slightly tedious, i worked my way through them all. In the end i even got quite competitive with myself to try and finish them all by the end of the week. Friday loomed and i still had a significant pile left on my desk, so i sat down and whizzed through them and eventually finished!

I have enjoyed these two weeks tremendously and I’m very sorry to be leaving. Ultimately, i have learned so much over this experience and have enjoyed every minute of it. I want to thank everyone on the People & Planet team for being so friendly and welcoming and who knows i might be back here in a few years time doing some volunteer work myself!

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