Forever Young

In today’s society we have merely become a generation that believes that females should stay young forever with consent bombardment by both broadcasting and print media for anti-ageing creams, lotions and tips. Some-one whom hasn’t conformed to such obsession is Julie Andrews.

Julie Andrews is well known for her lead roles as Maria in the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews has certainly climbed every mountain; an on screen legend and a key inspiration for me and many others whom have been fans for decades. Like many other stars of the era she has merely become a larger and life representation of an array of different contemporary clinches. For some she is a symbol of old fashioned goody-goody showbiz, for others she represents a lost generation of virtue and kindness, then again for quite a few she is a much-loved gay icon. For me she is a glamorous, glorious and graceful lady whom made me love musicals.

She has now become a representation of something altogether less glamorous and glorious with the media tarnish her long anticipated comeback; an evening with Julie Andrews. The Sunday Telegraph called it a “theatrically tragic spectacle”. The Guardian found it “creaky” and “cheesy”, dismissing the second half as “dismayingly indulgent”. Meanwhile, London’s Evening Standard conceded the veteran diva’s “hunger to perform was certainly admirable, but the musical rations were nowhere near satisfying”. The Daily Mirror quipped “How do you solve a problem like getting your money back after a Julie Andrews concert?”

In all fairness, what else could they expect? Julie Andrews never concealed her on going voice problems that was damaged by an operation 13 years to remove a polyp from her vocal cords and was carefully entitled as an ‘An Evening with Julie Andrews’ and that’s what they got.

One can suggest that this is merely the society we live in today a world of fantasy. Ageing women in the media spot light are expected to stay young forever with perfect hair shiny, smooth skins and trim figures such as Terri Hatcher. Whereas male mature stars like Bob Dylan, Bruce Forsyth and Meatloaf are allowed to forget words, wheeze, moan and mime through performances but women stars like Julie Andrews are expected to remain clear-voiced as they were 50 years ago.

The years of the real old glamorous showbiz were we would applaud real; ageing women and talented actress with the likes of Julie Andrews, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Winslet have been destroyed. We are now a spectacular society that likes to see fake naked girls win Oscars.

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