Edinburgh Uni fail to divest but we will win

We are devastated that the University of Edinburgh, which has the third largest endowment fund in the UK, has today refused to take this historic opportunity to divest from fossil fuels. They have chosen a strategy around shareholder activism and assessing companies on a case by case basis dependent on two specific and vague conditions. We demanded full divestment and concrete screening of new investments to insure that there will be a commitment to limit climate change which is already destroying millions of lives around the world.

Please show your support for the campaign and disgust at our uni.

Shame on you .@EdinburghUni for continuing to fund climate change and putting profit before climate science. #divest

.@EdinburghUni in fossil fuel industry’s pocket. We know which side you’re on now. Ps. Engagement doesn’t work http://bit.ly/1ATKZjB #divest

The University of Edinburgh just bowed to pressure from fossil fuel industry and refused to divest. Share on Facebook

This has been a long standing campaign, with calls for ethical investment since 2005. Since 2012 we have been campaigning for fossil fuel divestment and proved to the University that full divestment from fossil fuels is what the students want. When they challenged us that our petitions were biased and only included a small sample of students we challenged them right back and got them to run their own consultation which, surprise surprise, came back with the exact same result and also showed that staff and the global community want divestment too. Not only that but alumni have been writing to the University telling them that they would never donate to the University while it was invested in fossil fuels.

edinburgh says noWe will continue to engage with the diverse and dedicated movement that has grown around challenging the injustice of climate change. In the run up to this decision we’ve realised just how important linking up with other groups is and we’d like to thank all of you for your tweeting and messages of support and we hope to be able to repay the favor.

Our fight isn’t over; 80% of fossil fuels must stay underground and we will continue to stand up for all those suffering from our continued negligence to mitigate climate change, which is, and will continue to impact us all.

So, wish us luck and come and join us in continuing the campaign for full fossil fuel divestment.

Power to the people!
Edinburgh University People and Planet


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